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I have doubts

I have doubts. Every time I press the shutter, I have doubts. Alas, have I

Expo Chicago & Vienna Contemporary

Self titled adaptation of The Dance (1910) Expo Chicago 22-25 September 2016 The fifth international

Der Greif

“Self titled adaptation of Maids of Honour (1656)” Der Grief online artist feature Adapted Spaces:

The Soirée graphique No9

You are invited to The Soirée graphique No9 / 9 September, 2016 / 6pm –


4TH edition of CHART ART FAIR at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Kunsthal

Exposure Continuum / III

Exposing the 10 sheets of film to the light of Trieste on the 30th of


The final shot of the “Providence, 1977”, by Alain Resnais adapted in Trieste 2016 ////

Time in Trieste

What is it the time in Trieste…?  Race of time? Jumps in time? …or even

In memory of François Morellet

In Memory of François Morellet (French, 1926–2016) |||| Influence beyond Tremendous is the chance In

…visto da molti , visitato da pochi…

Sketches from the Santuario Nazionale a Maria Madre e Regina, Trieste 2009 – 2015 ////

Listening with Irving Penn

 Adaptation of “Collapse (1980)” , 2015, analog photograph //// Two Irving Penn´s still lifes from

From… future!

Adaptation of “Still life with seven apples (1878)” after Cezanne, photographed from memory, 2016. The