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Willard and I

“When I was here, I wanted to be there; when I was there, all I

From Memory

Three skulls from memory (2016) A visitor memorized Cezanne´s studio in July 1902: “In his

The Presence Before Him

“Abstract presence immobilising David Salle” (2016) “The presence before him was a presence.” Visioned Henry

The observer and the participant

“What kind of spider understands arachnophobia” asks the poet Robert Wyatt //// And all of

Beauty of focus / Madrid

I do not want to avoid telling the story, but I want very, very much

wall, corner, floor

..ceci est l´histoire d´un homme marqué par une image d´enfance.. wall piece corner piece floor

S N O W lit rev 4 / spring 2016

A Depth Immaculate 1 – 8 black ink on paper, 500 x 353 mm, 2015

Genius of Chance

Compressed volume into textured plane. Amalgamation of time, materials, weight, direction, rhythm, repetition, weather, negative-

I had a great time////

One minute in Grand Central Terminal, NYC, 2008 Adaptation of a random minute : September


Anatomy of Melancholy 1-3, ink on paper (A4), 2015 “Interior monologue” – method drawings derived

Frozen Music

Two drawings, 2015, Frozen music.  Just a thought. Architecture as “frozen music” or four walls

Waving to nothing

Two folded empty negatives 20.1.2016 Waving to nothing. There is something about breath;  of beginning,