From Memory

Three skulls from memory (2016)

A visitor memorized Cezanne´s studio in July 1902:

“In his bedroom, on a narrow table in the middle, I noticed three human skulls facing one another, three beautiful polished ivories. He spoke of a very good painted study that was somewhere in the attic. I wanted to see it.” But Cézanne could not find the key to the garret, and blamed his maid for its misplacement.


Working from memory is curious thing associated with photography.

Only trough multiple exposure it is possible, since photography is traditionally always representation from flesh.

But to use memory to construct a photograph is a method of braking apart and putting back together. To see unseen. At the end the memory becomes the material to result the photograph of the process of it´s own making. All of the sudden the memory generates the first time image, a photograph that does not have equivalent in existing world, but appears as evidence of mind over matter.