Works from Kairos series are improvised expressions on the film space. Dense and gray scale and fields of multi-directional lines of light against the black backdrop of negative abyss.

Compared to the Day Series, the number of exposures on one sheet of film increased from hundreds to thousands, and further slowed down the process of completing a single photograph, giving more room for chance to work within the process. Each work is one performance, one feeling, the inner transition from “minus one” to “one”. Like blind drawings they are documents of times relation to subject and space. Kairos works are my first series that only refers to the process of their own making and the experience of making them. They are deeply expressionists but at the same time completely concrete as images. They are first-time images and representational only in transcendental level. The lines are like outbursts or openings into the space, somewhat similar to Lucio Fontana ́s slashes on canvas to explore the totality of cosmos and endlessly expanding space.