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Elegant yet melancholic.

…page from “Book of Images”, 1970 by Brice Marden.

studio find IV.

…back of the drawing says: “my plane is leaving.. Madrid-Bajaras on 45min 27.2.2015”

Studio find III

…diagonals, doubles & halves

Studio find II

…corners & middles

Studio find I

…these just surfaced from the studio, from between the notebook. Madrid 2015 when making plans

Malevich on sale..

slightly all the time between the access and possession  

plane adaption

Adaptations of  “Woman with mandolin” (1925) + “Guernica” (1937).

rythm, direction, weight

Thank you all of you who came by yesterday!    

Plane to volume

Idea of space randomized to a plane, and from the plane to volume.


After consideration at The Rum Trader, the consequence. Opening today at 6pm. Taik Persons, Lindenstrasse

double opening

It is time for the double opening… “Plane Adaption” at Gallery Taik Persons, Berlin, September