Frozen Music

Two drawings, 2015, Frozen music. 

Just a thought.

Architecture as “frozen music” or four walls and a door?

Two strategies for relating symmetrical architecture occupying the same area built on slight alteration of direction and pulse:

1. Surface area (A) long – short – long & (B) short – long – short.

2. Then the verse of space spells out as:

#(A) right – down – left, diagonal up right, left – down – right & #(B) down – right – up, diagonal down left, up – right – down.

Visual yet musical, pretty and successful.   

Then without dramatic loss of atmosphere, meaning, even function or time, the previous can be visually reversed.

But what about musically? Does backwards and rewind apply to a space and architecture identically to film and moving image or as to performed and/or recorded music? Both are subject to the flow of time.

But it seems that the one will appear just as reversed, and the other as abstract and completely unrecognisable.

Is architecture Irreversible like music? Long – short – long….

Fever just won´t rise.