Time in Trieste

What is it the time in Trieste…? 

Race of time? Jumps in time? …or even absence of time?

Perhaps just an idea transformed to misshapen daydream of science as poetry?

Actually I don´t care. It is now, and then now again.

I get lost, will stay there, in the labyrinths of Rigateria, the local time-machine, one of the many antiquarian book shops in Trieste.

This time I was invited by two first editions: “La Corsa del Tempo” by Silvio Benco, first published in Trieste 1922. Benco, writer, journalist, literary critic and talented man of letters; friend of Saba, Svevo and Joyce, who had an important role on documenting and sculpting his “now” and the Italian identity after the war and his exile in this place that is referred by many as “meaning of nowhere”.

And the other “Salti nel Tempo” by Ardengo Soffici, first published in Milano in 1939. Soffici was a writer, painter, poet, sculptor and intellectual; friend of Braque, Derain and Picasso. He is also linked to Italian Futurist and Luigi Russolo to whom I am totally obsessed with.

All sooo easy tonow.

Perhaps time is like weather.. that will pass.

Sometimes it rains… and then it shines like a crazy diamond.