E X P O S U R E C O N T I N U U M #3 / exposure as object

Exposure continuum #3

This is the third part of the on-going series of performances of specific exposures documented with 8mm film.

Ten sheets of photographic film are being exposed to the light, in the specific place and time.

The explicit moment of each exposure is captured on the 8mm film.

The Exposure Continuums” operates on the ideas of site-specificity, movement, space, and light as a continuum of time to distance,

where the exposure itself creates the subject matter.

The each film documentation is the result of the one hour long, uninterrupted and improvised séance of light, compressed into one 50ft cartridge of black & white film.

The exposed sheets of films are then sent to select recipients via standard mail.

The films keep harvesting the information forever while the exposures manifests themselves as objects.


Trieste 2017