9 Years ago

I started to photograph lines of light  in 2006 when my interest shifted from the front of the camera to the inside of it and the “exposure” itself became the centre of my focus. 

The very first piece with lines, light and time was shown in Paris Photo that same year by Gallery Taik Persons. 

This is the second work from that series and is called “One Day in November 2006”. This has never been exhibited. Now I thought I wanted to share it. During that year completed only 3 or 4 successful works. 

Here are also the original documents of the process turning the traveling highlight on the objects on my table first into the small drawing and then into the lines of lights mimicking the events of one day. 

The notation from the day of the photograph says:

Amazing sunset, huge sun!

Systematic rotation

Writing with Tim

and “Fastest way to get there is copy someone great”

It is very nice to be back at the studio.